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Who are the Christadelphians?

An Apostolic Fellowship

The Name "Christadelphians"

A Distinctive Foundation

The Whole Bible

God, Creator and Father

The Vital Earth

Israel in God's Purpose

Promises to the Patriarchs

The Truth about Mankind

Man is Mortal

The Nature of Jesus

Son of God not God the Son

The Devil and Satan

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The Kingdom of God

When Christ Comes...

The Life of Discipleship

Peace of Mind

The Kingdom of God

Once the truth about human nature has been grasped, it will readily be understood why human governments throughout the centuries have failed to establish lasting peace on earth. The minds of men are powerless to cope with the severe problems which have arisen, but from the beginning the Bible has foreseen their solution. The intervention of God in human affairs at a critical moment in history is the firm prophecy of the Bible.

The return of Jesus Christ to the earth, just as literally as he left it, was the unanimous hope of the early believers. The Church abandoned it in the early centuries, because Christ did not come as soon as they had hoped, but even more because it did not square with the popular idea of the righteous enjoying their reward in heaven at death. The New Testament repeatedly asserts the Second Coming; the apostles take it for granted in their writings.