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Find out more

Here are some ways of finding out more about the Bible message.

Free Bible study course

Basic Bible truths

Who are the Christadelphians?

Glad Tidings

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Visit This is your Bible.

This web site is the ideal place to learn more about the Bible, develop your Bible study skills, access courses, information and much more.

God's promises

Jesus Christ is coming back!

Heaven and hell

The Jews in God's Purpose

The Devil—who or what is it?

God's Plan for the World—and You

The Christian Life

The Bible—Guidebook for Life

Is God a Trinity?

Life after Death

Why does God allow Suffering?

Resurrection and Judgement

Baptism—its meaning and importance

Introducing a community of people who base their beliefs and practices on the Bible.

More information


Glad Tidings

A monthly magazine. Available free for 6 months. . Please remember to give your name and address.

Or, read Glad Tidings on line.

The Gospel of your Salvation

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A semi-interactive web site presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God.

Visit The Gospel of your Salvation