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Additional resources

This page is home to additional resources that CBM workers have made available, but which are not stocked in bulk at the Christadelphian Office.

Resources include the text of booklets/leaflets that are not in general print (or are perhaps out of print), discussion group questions, and alternative correspondence courses.

Please download whatever you can make use of in preaching the gospel and helping brothers and sisters overseas with their spiritual development.

If you have something to add to this page, contact the Literature Secretary, .

To download, right-click on the link and select Save Target As.

Acts 2 discussion sheet (Word)
Did Jesus pre-exist? (Word)
A set of questions that tutors can send out with the booklet "Did Jesus exist in heaven before his birth?"
Rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16) (Word)
Romans 6 discussion sheet (Word)
Satan and Genesis 3 (Word)

Tapes and CDs

Positive Bible teaching and answers to verses often mis-quoted on the following subjects:

Heaven and hell
Soul - not immortal
Ten lost tribes
The body of Moses
Devil and Satan
No pre-existence
Jews - God's people
Devils and demons
True baptism
The Holy Spirit
The Trinity?
Saturday or Sunday?
Kingdom within?
God's promises - made in Eden
God's promises - to Abraham
God’s promises - to David
God’s promises - centred in Christ

Price for full set:

  • for use in the mission field: NO CHARGE
  • for personal use: 20
Available from