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Literature in English

These items are available for use by CBM correspondence tutors. They can be ordered from the .

You can download an Order Form (Word format) to fill in and e-mail.

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This list is also available to download as a Word document: A Guide to CBM English Language Literature

To download the form, right-click on the link and select Save Target As.

CBM literature

Basic Bible Truth Leaflets

These are single A4 page tracts, each explaining an aspect of Bible teaching. They are written in simple English and are ideal for sending out to students. To download a leaflet, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As".

Basic doctrine
The Bible – the Word of God The Bible: Guidebook for Life
The God of the Bible, the Trinity Is God a Trinity? Understanding the relationship between God and Jesus
The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit: God's special power
Creation, the Fall, sin enters the world Sin and forgiveness*
Heaven and hell Heaven and Hell: What does the Bible teach?
Death and mortality, nature of man Life after Death: What does the Bible Teach?

The Nature of Man*

God's promises God's Promises: Past, Present and Future
The origin of Jesus, Old Testament prophecies, virgin birth When did Jesus first exist?

Jesus Christ, Saviour and King: Old Testament prophecies about his mission

The life of Jesus, his humanity, relationship with the Father The Father and His Son*
The sacrifice of Jesus, his death and resurrection Why did Jesus have to die? Bible teaching about redemption

The Resurrection of Jesus: fact or fiction?

The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament, the Kingdom yet to come, return of Christ Jesus Christ is Coming Back!

Jerusalem: the future capital of the world

The Jews in God's Purpose

God's Plan for the World - and for You!

The resurrection of the dead, judgment and immortal life Resurrection and Judgement
Angels Angels: God's special messengers
Satan and the devil The Devil: Who or What is it?

The serpent, Lucifer and Satan*

Demons and unclean spirits Demons and Evil Spirits – What the Bible Teaches
Holy Spirit gifts Holy Spirit gifts*
Baptism, its meaning and significance, sprinkling Baptism: Its Meaning and Importance
The problem of evil Suffering: Why Does God Allow it?
The Law of Moses, its relevance today The Sabbath: Is it a Special Day?
The importance of Bible prophecy Daniel 2, Luke 21, Ezekiel 21*
Summary of doctrines The Christadelphians: Who are they? What do they believe?

What a Christian should believe: the beliefs of the first Christians

Christian living
The Breaking of Bread The Breaking of Bread*
Fellowship, ecclesial life, loving our neighbour The Meaning of Fellowship
Prayer The importance of prayer: a practical guide
Commitment to Christ in daily living, holiness, drugs, alcohol The Christian Life

Daily Living as a Disciple of Christ

Bringing up children, family life The Disciple and Family Life
Relations with the state, voting, politics Politics, Voting and Protest: should a Christian be involved?
Occupations Should a Christian fight? Bible teaching about war and aggression
Bible reading and study The Bible: The Most Important Book in the World – this is a BBT style leaflet with a summary of our beliefs and a coupon for application for Bible courses. It is a Word file which can be customised with different return addresses and then printed off.
Money The Root of All Evil: Bible advice about money

Coping with Poverty: How the Bible can help

Summary The Christian Life

*To be produced later, God willing


The Bible in Brief
Bible Teaching about Voodoo, Sorcery and Spirit Religions
Developing the Ecclesia [primarily for East Europe use]
Did Jesus exist in heaven before his birth?
Introduction to the Good News of the Bible [the Basic Bible Teaching course as a pamphlet]
Preparing for Baptism
Principles of Christian Marriage
Principles of Ecclesial Life
The Truth about Demons and Spirits
The Truth about God, the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ
The Truth about Holy Spirit Gifts
The Truth about the Devil and Satan
The Truth about the Sabbath
War, Aggression and the Christian Life

Correspondence Courses

Basic Bible Teaching Course (12 lessons)
40-Lesson Course - complete in folder
40-Lesson Course - lessons 1-8
40-Lesson Course - lessons 9-40
Exploring the Bible course (27 lessons)
18-Lesson course - English course aimed at Eastern Europe
The New Life in Christ (14 lessons)
Understanding the Bible (29 lessons)
Philippians (10 parts)
Follow up
Bible Principles from Genesis (9 parts)
Matthew's Gospel (9 parts)
Acts of the Apostles (6 parts)

Full details and downloads


Understand the Bible for yourself (Tec Morgan)
The Good News of the Kingdom of God (40-lesson course in book form)

Other CBM resources

Resource Disc (CD-ROM with all courses and other material)
A Guide to CBM English Language Literature

Christadelphian Office literature

Standard Pamphlet Series

After Death - What? (FTP)
Angels: God's Messengers (SGO)
Bible Prophecy (FTP)
Christ and Protest (HT)
Christ in the Old Testament (HT)
Christ is Coming! (OTM)
The Christian and Politics (RC)
The Crisis of the Cross of Christ (HT)
The Danger of Cults (MJA)
The Divine Origin of the Bible (FTP)
Do You Believe in a Devil? (FTP)
Does God Hear Prayer? (MGO)
Getting to Know God (FTP)
Heaven and Hell (DF)
The Holy Spirit (HT)
Hope for a Hopeless World (FTP)
Israel - God's People, God's Land (DMP)
Jesus - God the Son or Son of God? (FTP)
The Kingdom of God on Earth (SGO)
The Middle East and Bible Prophecy (SRP)
The Miracle of the Bible (RC)
One Bible, Many Churches? (GDG)
Raised to Judgement (MJA)
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Satanism or Christianity? (MJA)
Spiritualism (MJA)
Sunday and the Sabbath (MJA)
Who are the Christadelphians? (FTP)
Whose land? (SGO)
Why Does God allow Suffering? (LGS)
Why Baptism Really Matters (FTP)
Women Priests (MJA)
Your Share in God's Promises (DMP)


Bible Companion: Sheet
Bible Companion: Bookmark
Bible Reader's Companion (Bible Companion & Commandments of Christ)
Christadelphian Instructor
Christadelphian Shield
Ecclesial Guide (RR) (see also CBM Edition, page 1)

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