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Understanding the Bible Correspondence Course

The book "Understand the Bible for yourself" formatted as a correspondence course.

The lessons are available as PDF files below, together with a set of model answers.

Or you can download the complete course (zipped) (2.51 MB)

To download, right-click on the link and select Save Target As.

1The Gospel of God 16Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
2The Holy Scriptures 17How do I become immortal?
3On reading the Bible 18What happens at the resurrection?
4Why God is angry with his world 19The promised reward
5The problem of sin and death 20The coming Kingdom of God
6What do we know about God? 21What about the Jews?
7What do we know about Jesus? 22How will it all end?
8Father and Son together 23The punishment of the wicked
9Why did Jesus have to die? 24What about the devil and Satan?
10How can we be justified by faith? 25How should we worship God?
11What is the faith that saves? 26The believer and the state
12Jesus Christ the promised king 27LIving together as believers
13How can we become like Jesus? 28What should I do now?
14What exactly is Christian baprism? 29The gospel truth
15What happens after baptism?  Answers