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19th century Christadelphian pioneers, John Thomas and Robert Roberts, established Christadelphian communities in English-speaking countries in the Americas, Europe, South Africa and Australasia.
1903 The Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society (CALS) was formed to aid preaching in the UK.
1947 The first CALS advertisement was placed in Oslo and preaching was undertaken in Paris.
1950 Preaching campaigns staged in France and Norway.
1955 Preaching campaign in British Guiana (now Guyana). The Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) was formed as the overseas section of the CALS.
1956 Preaching started in India, Africa, the Far East and the Caribbean.
1961 The Australasian CBM is formed to expand the work in Asia and the western Pacific.
1963 The CBM Welfare Fund is set up to provide relief for those of our overseas members in distress. The CBM General Fund continues, with its purpose of supporting the preaching work.
1964 Advertisements in Esperanto attract interest from several European countries, including Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia and Hungary.
1968 The Pacific Coast CBM is formed, based in USA, with responsibility for work in Mexico and Central America.
1985 The Pacific Coast CBM is succeeded by the CBM of the Americas, with responsibility for South and Central America.
1992 After the fall of communism, there is growing interest in Eastern Europe. The first ecclesia in Eastern Europe is formed in Sofia, Bulgaria.
1993 The CALS and CBM agree that the CBM should become an independent charity.
1997 The South African CBM is formed to preach in South Africa and its neighbouring countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland.
2000 CBM (UK) hands over responsibility for the Caribbean to the CBM of the Americas (CBMA), and for Nepal to the ACBM.