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A large part of our preaching work is done by means of Bible correspondence courses. Every year we advertise our courses in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. In this way, we come into contact with those who have an interest in the Bible. We can receive over 400 replies from one insert, spread over a period of 2 to 3 years.

Each person who responds is allocated to a tutor, who takes him or her through the course, charts their progress by means of the answers given to questions on the lessons, and responds to any questions raised by the student. Thus each student receives careful, individual teaching from the Scriptures.

The work involves about 1,000 brothers and sisters from 200 ecclesias. The tutors are organised into 25 correspondence teams, who write to nearly 3,000 students in 40 countries. Each year we receive over 2,000 replies!

If a student shows sufficient interest, he is put in touch with local Christadelphians or a visit is arranged to meet him.

There are a number of correspondence courses available to meet various needs.

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