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Visit to Cameroon January 2010

Ecclesia in Fontem area Cameroon is in West Africa. In the last 50 or so years the number of brothers and sisters has increased from 1 to about 350 Christadelphians who meet in about 35 ecclesias. This review of activities focuses on one part of a visit by brothers and sisters to Cameroon. Work was undertaken elsewhere which will form the basis for further reports.

Rebuilding a blind brother’s house

Blind Brother John’s house had suffered from the effects of the rainy season for a number of years. Eventually it became uninhabitable. For some time Brother John, his wife and five children had to live with neighbours. Being unable to work Brother John could not afford to rebuild his house. The CBM via Project Aid, rebuild his house. When we were in Cameroon in January the house was almost finished – but there had been a problem with the windows and doors. A joiner was found and with the help of local brothers, the remaining work was completed within a week. Brother John and family were delighted to be able to move back into the finished house.

Ecclesias working together

In the Fontem area of Cameroon there are four ecclesias. They are near to each other but a long way from other groups of ecclesias.

One of our objectives is to help these ecclesias to be self sufficient in dealing with ecclesial issues. Also we are encouraging them to work together. Each ecclesia has two brothers who join together to discuss ecclesial and inter ecclesial issues. Together they offer suggestions to each ecclesia and plan inter ecclesial activites. Time was spent on this trip in a ‘workshop’ environment discussing the roles and responsibilities of ‘elders’ in ecclesias. The time may come when we are unable to visit Cameroon either due to political unrest of financial constraints. We trust that self sufficiency will be achieved whilst we are still able to visit them.

If you, your friends or ecclesia would like to help to fund activites in the mission field you may like to look at the latest Project Aid list and select a project to fellowship. Details about Project Aid - you can contact Mike Green from this link for further information.

Brother in isolation repairing shoes A brother in isolation

On one of our journeys we passed through a village where a brother lives in isolation with his wife (not baptised) and children. As we drove into the village one of our guides pointed the brother out to us. He is a shoe repairer and as sitting on a seat repairing shoes in the village. We parked our vehicle and went over and spoke with him. The brother had been baptised at the Christadelphian Blind and Handicapped School some years ago and was now living in the village in isolation because of family considerations. Whilst it is not possible to visit him we can always pray for him.

Pastoral work

Ill health is a major problem in Cameroon. One sister is house bound and unable to get to the meeting room. Even if she could get out of her house she would not mange to walk down the hill side to the meeting room. Once a month the whole ecclesia visit the sister in her home to break bread with her.

Getting involved

Whilst we all cannot go to the mission field we can all pray for and encourage our brothers and sister in the mission field and those who do make visits. If you would like more information about the work in Cameroon please contact the CBM link man , or .


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