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Rebuilding Oscar's House

Building Oscar's home

Most encouraging was our visit to the church at Fontem. There have been eighty-five baptisms here in the last seven years. A new ecclesial hall has been built largely through the efforts of the brothers and sisters who carried the materials up the hillside to the top, some 2,000 feet above sea level, where the meeting room stands out, literally, as a beacon to all the country for miles around. As a result of the dynamic preaching work of this ecclesia, the local Catholic Church has closed. Whilst we were there we were able to witness the baptism of two more that the Lord had called.

Not far away a new home was being built by Brother Oscar; a man of about sixty years of age, who was literally gouging space out of the hillside for his home. In doing so a landslide had occurred and the wall of the new building had fallen on Brother Oscar, injuring him. The members of the ecclesia immediately came to his aid, cleared all the fallen rock and earth that the landslide had left, and helped rebuild the wall. Oscar has now almost totally recovered, although he still needs a stick to walk with.

Trevor Radbourne
from The Bible Missionary No. 160 (April 2001)

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