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Cameroon map Cameroon has a humid coastal area with intensive cultivation, and rain forest inland. Employment is in oil, palm oil, cocoa, bananas, pineapples and rubber.

Population: 22 million.
Languages: French (east), English (west), and 200 native languages.
Main religions: traditional, Christian, Muslim.

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Correspondence team leader (English language)

CBM activities One visit to each of the 4 areas in the year.

CMAD activities CMAD activities Christadelphian Blind and Handicapped Centre at Mbengwi. Primary School at Benakumba. (UK link man: ).

Ecclesias Ecclesias 37, including Bamenda, Buea, Bosug, Benakuma, Buea, Douala, Fontem, Kumba, Limbe, Mbengwi, Wum, Wey (about 500 members in total)

Picture story Picture story Blind and Handicapped School (1998)

Picture story Picture story Rebuilding Oscar's house (2001)

Picture story Picture story Highs and Lows in the Cameroon (2004)

Picture story Picture story Visit to Cameroon January 2010 (2010)

French literature