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The Gospel in Bulgaria

Esperanto Club in Varna

Esperanto Club in Varna - initial preaching in communist countries before 1989 was via Esperanto, the learning of which was encouraged by the communists

At the end of the twentieth century Bulgaria is again faced with tremendous, insoluble problems and hovers on the verge of economic collapse. A population of nearly eight million is brought to its knees and has to struggle in its hand-to-mouth existence to see the light of another day. People are driven to break with the last flicker of hope that things might take a turn for the better.

Everything has lapsed into a total spiritual desolation, and austerity and destitution have got the upper hand. People have lost the lovely hope of life. Their shattered dreams and empty lives prevent them from being willing to believe in anything any more. Robbed of their hope, they fail to see the preciousness of every moment that remains before the coming of Jesus.

Faith is essential to take the hard decision to resist worldly vanities and misery and turn to God. The number of those who possess wisdom is strikingly small. The sad fact that meetings in Sofia, or anywhere else in the country, have to be held illegally positively dissuades the tiny number of those who at one time appeared willing and excited about the message that we are guardians of and daily enjoy. A further obstacle for all brothers and sisters in Bulgaria is the fact that we cannot openly profess what we believe and have always to shy away and even hide what lies deep at the bottom of our hearts. Very few are those who are inclined to understand us and the avenues of glory and love which we have undertaken to explore. There are several friends of mine who just turn away, declaring in a sacrilegious way they do not wish to dabble in "spiritual matters".

We are called to proclaim and to serve the peaceful and noble cause to which the first apostles were dedicated - the inexpressible value of the Truth we hold. But it proves almost impossible to help others and show them the way of holiness and the glorious promises of a better future; they are all so deeply engrossed in their present that they refuse to break with their futile perseverance in worldly matters and turn to God.

Wickedness thrives in this world and the ground on which God has rooted His seeds proves thorny, making us choke among people torn by disbelief and overwhelmed by evil desires. Bulgarian soil proves even less yielding, but it is our concern to show kindness and carry on the mission of our forefathers. We are to be an example for the rest, and I sincerely pray that our message will soon reach the parched regions of human conscience, so that we shall rejoice to see more and more people determined to walk hand in hand with us on the path to immortality: "The path of life leads upward for the wise." (Proverbs 15:24)

Svetlana Pavlova
from The Bible Missionary, no. 146, October 1997

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