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Adriatic states

Adriatics map

Yugoslavia separated into five republics in 1990-1992, and Montenegro became independent of Serbia in 2006. The northern states of Slovenian and Croatia are prosperous, while in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia there is widespread hardship. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

Albania has struggled to develop its economy since the fall of its totalitarian communist regime in the 1990s.

Albania Population: 3.6 million. Language: Albanian. Main religions: Muslim, Albanian Orthodox, Roman Catholic.
Bosnia and Herzegovina Population: 4.5 million. Language: Bosnian. Main religions: Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic.
Croatia Population: 4.5 million. Language: Croatian. Main religion: Roman Catholic.
Kosovo Population: 2 million. Languages: Albanian, Serbian. Main religions: Muslim, Serbian Orthodox.
Macedonia Population: 2 million. Languages: Macedonian, Albanian. Main religions: Macedonian Orthodox, Muslim.
Montenegro Population: 680,000. Language: Serbian. Main religions: Serbian Orthodox.
Serbia Population: 8 million. Language: Serbian. Main religions: Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Muslim.
Slovenia Population: 2 million. Language: Slovenian. Main religion: Roman Catholic.

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CBM activities Correspondence, Skype and e-mail contact, campaigns and visits, advertising, translation and distribution of literature into local languages. Exploring the Bible is available in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian. The CBM 18-lesson course is available in Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian, and the New Life in Christ course in Macedonian. Other literature is available in all the languages of this region (see below).

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Ecclesias None. Isolated members in Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.

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